​The following list will provide you a link to help you share your pump and CGM information with our clinic.  Click on the name of the device you have to be taken to the website for setting up your access information.

The Blood Glucose Log is available by clicking here.  If you have a glucometer and no CGM, we will need a record of five to seven days worth of blood sugar readings before your telehealth visit.  Please complete this log and submit it through the Patient Fusion portal.  

If using your mobile device you will need to set up Libre View on the computer - not through the app.  If using the scanner, you will need to upload on a computer/PC using the USB cable that comes to charge the scanner.   Practice ID to add for our clinic is: 14634987

To link to the clinic, you will need to give us your login and password.  You can sent this through the Patient Fusion portal,

We also have a "Getting Started Guide" for t:connect which is available here

Create an account with the phone app and notify our clinic of your email address to the app then our clinic will send an invitation to share the data. 

If you are using a mobile device, please download the Dexcom Clarity Reports App and share with clinic via an invitation sent to you from our office.  If you need an invitation, please call the office or send a message through the Patient Fusion portal.  If using receiver you will need to upload on a computer/PC using the USB cable that comes to charge the reciever.

Link to the clinic by using our office ID: creedmoor

To share with the clinic you will need to give us your username and password. 

Link to the clinic by inviting the clinic to share the data by using our email for Tidepool: ccendo@ccendocrinology.com

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